Twas the Night Before Election Day…

Twas the night before Election Day, and all through the nation,
People worried about housing, economics and taxation.

The voters were all dressed in theirs blues and their reds,
While visions of prosperity danced in their heads.

On televisions and radios still churned such a clatter,
From promises and double-talk that hardly still mattered.

From uneducated children arose such a riddle:
Who plays tug-of-war with an old man in the middle?

Obama and Biden versus Palin and McCain,
With poor Uncle Sam enduring the strain.

But when tomorrow is over we’ll be in the know,
(Unless Florida screws up like eight years ago).

And after this election has faded from sight,
We’ll have ’till the next to debate who was right.

Orignal From: Twas the Night Before Election Day…