Campaign 2008: Final Thoughts

Barack Obama defeated John McCain in their bids for the Presidency. Do you think Obama would have been so gracious toward his opponent had he been the one making a speech after conceding to McCain?

Please do not adjust your sets. The Democrats control the horizontal and the vertical, so please return your trays to their full upright position and smoke ’em if ya got ’em.

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2 thoughts on “Campaign 2008: Final Thoughts

  1. Any chance I could borrow this post for the zine, slap your name on it and call it an essay piece? This is a brilliant piece of writing that others should experience. Let me know…. It doesn’t need to be now, and only if you really don’t mind.


  2. I was personally in an unbelievably dark place when I wrote this, and it really helped me focus from the outside in while I was actually feeling turned inside out. Feel free to credit and share!


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