Horror at Home, SciFi at Work

First they tell me to bring in my skull collection, then they tell me not to. Fine, whatever, but since I actually have my own desk, it’s nice to have it looking like someplace familiar rather than another reminder that middle-class me works 40 hours a week for “the man.”

Since it’s no secret that I shoot my Reaper videos at home (yes, I have headstones on the wall for ambiance and other creepy things), I decided that, in the interest of giving management less ammunition, to go all science fiction:

MIB headquarters

I found a retro-looking, goose-neck, brushed-aluminum desk lap at Linens & Things (which are going out of business right now), and it reminded me of the Men in Black films, the sort of retro-tech look where everything is silvery and metallic. A couple of deeply discounted picture frames, blue party bulbs, and a few reconstructed black & white printouts of the MIB logo (the atomic symbol on the floor when Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones walk into the elevator), this was the result. I put a copy of the logo in the inset for detail.

Looks like those set dressing skills from college theater are still working, hmm?

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