Going Out for a Drink vs. Going Drinking

Here’s something I was recently reminded of: going out for a drink vs. going drinking.

As a creative self-starter, any time I take for myself is usually spent writing, creating, illustrating, or whatever. I can’t fathom doing something nonconstructive, so even when it comes time to relax, go out, or visit with friends, I’ve never understood the need to imbibe more alcohol than a brewery can churn out in week. Exaggeration aside, what makes someone desire to go out with the sole intent of getting hammered and playing a nightly game of “let’s see if I wake up in my own bed.”

Do I enjoy having a drink? Sure. I LOVE gin, especially a mixed as a Tom Collins (learned that one from my parents). I try to sample the Sangria at any restaurant that carries it (usually Mexican or Italian), there’s nothing quite so refreshing as a chilled pint of Woodchuck Amber hard cider on tap at your favorite English or Irish pub (especially if you’re in England or Ireland).

The two times I’ve been plastered was once in Spain at a “Medieval Times” type of theater that included a seven-course meal and all you could drink (which is how I learned to love my Sangria) and another time when I thought I’d try making my own Tom Collins (hint: always follow the instructions). Both times I was being chauffeured about and neither time did I intend to impair myself as much as I did. Fun? Yes. Hangover? No, but I was still in my twenties both times.

I didn’t like the feeling of being consciously aware there was nothing I could do but wait it out. Is the idea to drink so much you forget how much you’ve had? Does the “enhanced” fun begin before you can’t stand up or after your friends pose you on the couch and take pictures? Of course, then there are the “drinking games” so your friends can become the home entertainment system for everyone. And don’t get me started on the jungle juice incident at college when the entire floor of the dorm had a nice coat of fresh, pink vomit (and not just in the bathrooms stalls, either).

Woo hoo! Beer me, dude! Party on!

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