2008 Wrap Up

Yikes! It’s been a while since I through out any musings here. Of course, it was my LAST year’s resolution to post more often, so this is really just an extension of it.

Okay, what’s up? I had a job offering from Rochester, New York that was for pretty good pay, but the recent resurgence of a steady relationship in my life (an a general lack of funds to move to the opposite end of the Eastern seaboard) made staying put a better option right at this moment. Too bad, too, because it looked like a great job, but it would also require a newer vehicle, full wardrobe, and moving into a place that I may not have anyone to fall back on once I get there should everything go south in a hurry.

I have a few conventions lined up again this year. One I’ll be crashing since they don’t like me pointing out how poorly they run things for as big as they are, and the other one I am a guest as well as a technical support guy for their website, so plenty to do there.

I’ve managed to crack out my first full-length and complete short story, and with the help of someone already familiar with peddling such texts to potential publishers, I’ll be shopping it around to start my rejection slip collection. Fortunately, I enjoyed the idea surrounding what I wrote the first time so much that another story is quickly emerging from the first.

Overall, not in too bad a place right now. Here’s to four more happy years (since the world is coming to an end in December of 2012).

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