Taking the Paranormal Plunge

I don’t think anyone believes me when I say I’ve tried to avoid this. With my alter ego Grim D. Reaper (of MovieCrypt.com) now talking every other week on Parahub.org, it’s getting harder and harder to avoid speaking out about my interest in all things paranormal. The problem I have, however, is shared by the infamous Fox Mulder: “I want to believe.”

Most of the time I’m a lucid dreamer, even to the point of being able to stay asleep once I hijack a dream. On occasion, I have a dream that I cannot take control of nor make any sense out of, a series of images and sounds that look like snippets of more important things. Later on, I can almost always remember that, just before a moment of deja vu, what is about to happen was one of the snippets I saw.

So, I know there are things that are currently unexplained going on in our world, but my exposure to it has been mostly through trade reading and popular fiction. I almost always know the difference between researched paranormal activity (evidence of Wicca activity, ghost sightings, etc.) and when it makes sense only to the author or filmmakers. I openly challenge the notion that there is currently any relevant or scientifically accurate means with which to measure paranormal activity and produce consistent, repeatable results. From orbs in photographs visible only after development to EVP that only a handful of listeners can discern, the mystery that makes all these things interesting are the same that re-enforce the idea that it’s all mythology and a need to believe.

I thought long and hard as to what to rename this blog to reflect some of the things I intend to address here. Words like “heretic” and “skeptic” suggested that I had no belief, whereas neither “investigator” nor “authority” seemed realistic, either. I settled on “paranormal enthusiast” because, in my mind, it states my intent without making a direct judgment toward anyone in the field. I know more about these things than anyone not making a career of it should, and so I intend to share a greater portion of this site to my thoughts on the subject.

Or, put another way, ye have been warned.

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