Jacksonville Radio X102.9 Alternative?

A long time ago, Freakville (an affectionate name self-bestowed by Jacksonville locals) had a decent radio station: Planet Radio 93.3, now 107.3. When it launched, the DJs were cool, the music was new, and the sound was alternative. For a town with no college stations to shatter the airwaves with non-studio tracks, Planet Radio was our last, best hope.

Over ten years later, the play list has barely changed since then, yet the new Planet 107.3 still calls itself “the new rock station” (?!) while great shows that used to be on like “Forbidden Planet” have long since disappeared.

Bleh. Is it any wonder that the target audience for non-pop, non-twang, real alternative radio prefers to haunt “teh internets” and mix their own play lists? Why can’t you push a button on the dial while driving and hope to discover something new anymore?

But there may be hope: Alternative X102.9. Already comparing themselves directly to how lame Planet Radio has become, they are actively using the word “alternative” and “the REAL new rock station.” The website is pretty threadbare, but the tunes are pouring in. Dare we hope for change? And, if anything, will Planet bother trying to keep up once cash-cow Lex & Terry finish their morning show?

Here’s hoping it’s bloody and sounds good.

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