Why Buy?

Now that the country is on the hook for trillions in money that doesn’t exist to provide jobs that may only last until the money runs out, where’s the incentive to buy anything? To invest? To watch a nest egg grow?

Truth be told, I have no nest egg, just a handful of credit cards I’m trying to eliminate. Any recent chance of having such a thing was destroyed trying to hold a marriage together where money was spent like the government does: buying things now and letting someone else worry about how to pay it back. So while people I’ve always thought of as financially secure are freaking out as their years of hard work are dwindling to levels less than what was originally put in, I’ve personally become very good at stretching a dollar…

… and there’s the problem. There’s no incentive to spend because everyone is desperately trying to hold onto whatever they can. The banks were given money but didn’t lend it. Almost everyone who has taken government money is still in trouble (exception: those already being run by the government). Sales at Walmart and McDonald’s are up. Donations to Goodwill and the Salvation Army are down.

Now here’s the REAL danger. There’s money in those banks… YOUR money. When no one spends and the people stop working, more money will be needed. If the banks all wind up being government owned, you won’t mind if they take a little to help everyone out, right? Not from one account, EVERY account, including yours.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. At least shotguns and canned foods are starting to look like good investments, right?

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  1. The fact that you have been tracking this is freaking me out on an emotional level….stop…please


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