Radio Shack Still Exists, But I Prefer Fry’s

As of today, anything left in any Circuit City store still unsold is getting chucked or sold off in a single lot. The chain is now officially closed after taking a beating from Best Buy, the economy, and some well-documented foolish business moves (like replacing higher-paid, well-informed sales people with minimum-wage pod people and failing to make competitive deals with manufacturers to keep their prices low).

In spite of all of this, I still felt more welcome in Circuit City if only because they didn’t have that “It doesn’t matter how we treat you because you’re just going to buy it from us anyway,” attitude of non-help from anyone staffing Best Buy. And I’ll add this: if Northeast Florida can lure a couple of Fry’s stores out here, I’ll never have to set foot in Beast Bye again.

Then yesterday I was reminded of something I’d forgotten; Radio Shack still exists. If anything, Radio Shack seems to survive by jumping into the next big thing (remember Tandy computers? TRS-80s?) and quickly getting rid of whatever stops selling. You still see them lurking around malls and hovering near the large chain anchor stores peddling 101 project kits and bargain-basement amplifiers, but how often do you see anyone making a purchase there other than button batteries or a microphone cover?

C’mon Fry’s. There’s lotsa retail space out here on the East Coast of Florida. Help a techie out?

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