An International Currency for a New World Order

Anyone listening to talk radio has been getting an earful of what’s starting to crop up into the news: Republicans vs. Democrats and their plans within plans. Republicans just want to be rich and keep the poor where they are, while Democrats are transforming the United States into a Socialist and destroy Capitalism in all its forms.

Only slightly more sinister would be an over plan to create a truly globalized economy, one where almost seven billion buy, sell, and trade with one currency. Of course, for that to happen, we’d need everyone using a similar style of government and, ideally, the same currency, right?

Not so long ago, there was talk about a portion of a global highway, one that theoretically could span six of seven continents. One leg of it would connect Mexico, the United States, and Canada that could move goods across borders unhindered throughout North America… and there were budgets provided to build that road. No walls, no checkpoints, no borders, and no sovereignty.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that what happens in one economic market is now affecting all of them. If the United States economy collapses, a global economic crisis would be the result, not just 300 million former capitalists lamenting over losing the good life. Even now, China, Russia, and other countries are starting to realize that the US dollar is no longer the safest currency to have their assets in.

Perhaps a new currency is needed that isn’t directly wired to the fate of the US, a new international currency. Yep, it’s been suggested. You know, the kind that every government trades with, or perhaps the currency that the one future world government will trade with.

So, still worried about conspiracies involving Elephants and Donkeys? One currency to rule them all!

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