Poorly-Worded Laws & Underaged Sex Offenders

Have you heard about the 14-year old New Jersey girl who photographed herself nude and posted the images to a website, presumably to entice a boy to look in her direction? According to Megan’s Law, the girl herself is now being threatened to have to register herself as a sex offender for posting her own images as a minor.

Of course, Disney “High School Musical” starlet Vanessa Hudgens practically did the same thing just after turning eighteen (and sent the images via cell phone), so the idea isn’t new. Would they have made HER register if she were still seventeen? And what’s next? Teen-aged boys who have to register themselves if they get caught by their parents playing with themselves in the bathroom? Thirty days in jail will teach you to stop having wet dreams, young man!

Fix the language of these so-called child protection laws, please. It’s bad enough that schools teach abstinence-based sex education as if gender and child bearing didn’t exist, but as soon as anyone suddenly becomes aware of their own sexuality, anything they do is assumed to be deviant behavior. It’s not like these kids have an valid instruction manual or, you know, responsible parents.

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