Speaking of Health Care Reform (Updated)

… now that people are talking about it, suddenly that’s un-American?

In a video circulating online and on news channels, the AARP is seen opening a “Town Hall” meeting with predetermined language such as, “We all agree that…” and is being shouted down even at the notion anything has already been agreed upon.

Guess what’s finally happening? People are not only curious about what the legislature and government is doing with their health care, they’re also listening carefully and questioning the language being used. They also have their own ideas, like being allowed to shop over state lines for insurance and forming small business co-ops to buy larger corporate-rate insurance to save money on rates.

If these are the suggestions being made rather than gut everything for a government option people are already questioning, why is there so much resistance to giving the people the options they are asking for? Or even considering it? Or even LISTENING to it? How about encouraging citizens to report websites and people where they’ve heard anything countering the “facts” as presented by the Health Care Reform bill proprietors?

You know… such as on blogs like this one.

Update: Now it’s being suggested that, if the “public option” is so wonderful for Americans everywhere, every member of Congress should be REQUIRED to sign up for it. If you cooked it up, shouldn’t you be willing to eat it yourself?

One thought on “Speaking of Health Care Reform (Updated)

  1. They won’t want to eat their own soup. Look at the retirement packages and salary wages they get – vastly more than non-politicians can have. They’ll probably quietly vote in a health care plan for themselves when no one is looking, like they did those other benefits; meanwhile, we’ll be drowning in the useless schlock they cooked up for us. Unless we don’t let them get away ith it. Been to any good tea parties lately, anyone?

    Washington and his peers didn’t sit around thinking, “Maybe it won’t affect me.”

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