New Theme!

One of the reasons I moved my personal blog to is because, when I want to post something, I don’t want to have to program anything. “Set it and forget it” themes are nice when you can find them, and limited access on discourages me from tinkering too much once I have a theme configured (because once I get sucked into a tweaking session, time becomes a blur until I’m hungry and it’s dark outside).

On occasion, new stuff is always fun to add in, and after a new upgrade in the WordPress software, a new theme appeared, iNove. It looked clean, bold, and organized better like an OCD’s kitchen junk drawer. After over two years, I decided to retire the cemetery banner as a design element and opted instead for a digitally-enhanced image of my favorite accessory, my Alchemy Gothic “Death Ankh” (on the right). It hints at my interests and has started quite a few conversations. Enjoy!