To Those with a Lonely New Year’s Eve to Look Forward to…

Right now somewhere else, there’s a person who isn’t going out tonight, isn’t going to be with friends, and doesn’t have a family to speak of. This same someone may have had a hard year, tough going, and may not be sure how they’ll make it tomorrow or the next day. Their holiday plans include going to bed early or staring at four blank walls while the television plays on mute.

To all those poor unfortunate souls, all I can say is… WHAT the FRACK?! Get off your @$$ and go someplace! There’s gatherings everywhere… hang out with strangers! Make some noise! Watch some fireworks! Connect with a fellow human being! Rich, poor, employed, homeless… it doesn’t matter. Someone will hand you a beer, let you stand in the park looking up, or sing that bloody song with them that no one remembers all the words to.

And you can thank me later. NEXT!