Y2K + 10 and Counting…

I watched the sun rise on a beach in Florida ten years ago today. It was supposed to be the end of an all-night party, but I actually left, got some sleep, and when I came back the next morning, no one else had lasted the night or managed to make it back.

A lot can happen in ten years. Since that morning, I…

  • Joined an international film review organization,
  • Proposed, got married, then later divorced,
  • Changed careers from tech support to ecommerce web design,
  • Crossed into short film making and video editing, and
  • Started writing short stories and novels from years of compiled ideas.

Of course, ten years ago we thought that computers were going to crash, missiles would launch on their own, and the planet would awake to chaos. None of that happened exactly, but cell phones got smaller and televisions got bigger (and thinner.)

What’s next? Here’s to the next ten years!