Aspect Ratio: Learn It, Love It

Why is it that half the US population doesn’t seem to be aware that all the people they see on their new televisions and computer monitors have squished, flat heads? I’m talking aspect ratio, the vertical versus horizontal measurement of your picture. Having the wrong ratio seems to be more common than not when people upgrade to wide screen monitors and televisions. Doesn’t it hurt peoples eyes like it does mine, or is it that people can’t really tell?

I have created a simple test. Below is a circle that I have drawn at exactly 600 pixels by 600 pixels, a PERFECT circle. Using a ruler or tape measure, measure from top to bottom through the + (plus sign) in the center and compare it to measure from left to right through the same + (plus sign) in the center. The measurement should be the same. If the measurement is off by more than half an inch either way, you should adjust that aspect ratio settings to correct “squished head” and “tall folk” (see your computer or television instructions for help if you don’t know how to do this.)

Now you can view image and video content the way their creators intended. You’re welcome!

Perfect Circle Aspect Ratio Test

2 thoughts on “Aspect Ratio: Learn It, Love It

  1. Well, maybe just a bit. We’re talking one pixel, and I wanted people using an actual ruler or tape measure to have a flat edge.


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