Sixty Days to Halloween

Normally, I post something like this on August 1st, but support on this has been down this year (I’m talking to YOU, retailers.) With the so-called summer blockbuster season of films spent and kiddies back in school, it’s time to get spooky.

As hobby stores go, Garden Ridge used to be first out of the gate with new decorations and such, but due to being restructured in bankruptcy, it’s hard to roll out new stuff with only a quarter of the staff remaining. Your local Hobby Lobby and other craft stores should be caught up by now while Walmart and Target will start setting up as those local Spirit Halloween shops start to appear.

I haven’t seen anything new or must have for the $100 and below set this year. And (credit goes to Brett for this observation) why does EVERY fake tombstone have to say “R.I.P” on it? Halloween is on a Sunday this year, and a weekend day is always nice for setup. I’ve got four flame projectors to play with this year (acquired during the after holiday sales last year), so I intend to light the entire yard on fire!

What are you playing to do to get a few screams this year?

One thought on “Sixty Days to Halloween

  1. For those watching this space “Spirit Halloween” and “Halloween Express” stores are either open now (nice job, Houston!) or will be between now and September 18th. Target stores are pushing their back to school stuff aside and reserving plenty of shelves for their Halloween stuff, so look for that up by this weekend.

    If you see some new costume or decoration that you can’t resist, tell me about it!

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