The Chinese are Coming? What’s the Big Whup?

A video by “The Resident” this week threw out the following question:

Chinese are going to totes take down the US! And banks! Which may or may not be true (probs, though). My question is, who cares? What’s the big whup? Can’t someone else have their time on top without the US turning into a cowboy caricature again? This week, let’s talk about that.

It would be easy to say “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.” One could also use the words “Red Dawn,” but that would sound paranoid. For your generation, let’s use an example you can relate to: moving back in with your parents.

You’re broke, you need a place to live, and your folks still have some cash. But to live under their roof, you have to follow their rules: what time you go to bed, when you can start making noise, financial expectations (rent? bills? food?), and generally calling every aspect of your former destructive lifestyle into question because you had to come crawling back for help. Do you really want that? To have another country (like China or the former British Empire) essentially tell you what you can and can’t do because you screwed everything up while on your own? And in this example, your children would also be subject to this, and so would theirs. How’s that for a big whup?

One thought on “The Chinese are Coming? What’s the Big Whup?

  1. Someone replied to this:

    Question: Do you REALLY think that the U.S., and the greedy, selfish, warlike bastards who run it would be so dumb and naive as to just let another country walk in and take it over? Please…

    I answered:

    You’re right, Steve. Because Americans are, at their heart, fighters, and if you create a common cause, they will band together. I heard on a radio show yesterday someone ask “When have we as Americans all stood together for the same thing?” I would have to answer “The last time? I believe it was September 11th, 2001, and for an instant, there was no race, no gender, no sexual orientation, no religion and no economic divide. For that one shining instant, we were one.” And that, my friends, is what makes America exceptional.


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