The Matriarch to be Published by WTF Books!

SkyTreeFangMoon10WTF Books has accepted The Matriarch for publication in the very near future. “WTF” doesn’t mean what you think it means, so check out their site to find out who they are and what they have to offer!

From WTF Books:

“In The Matriarch, Kevin Ranson interweaves real and fictional horror into a tale that is part mystery, part supernatural – and entirely hypnotic. Full of rich characterizations and settings, Ranson draws an original picture of the vampire – one that reveals its secrets as it plays on your senses and sympathies.”

Book Synopsis:

Every October, the freshmen at Glenville State College are told stories about Sis Linn, the local ghost who haunts Clark Hall and the graveyard where she’s buried. Murdered in 1919, she was beaten beyond recognition, the target of a brutal killer who was never caught.

The stories are wrong.

When present-day student Janiss Connelly stumbles upon the truth, she inherits a unique opportunity to end a century of bloodshed… even if it’s already too late for her.

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