Highlights from Ancient City Con 2014

Yes, I’m a bit of a shutterbug, so I made this video with highlights from the show…not everything, but a lot of what I saw passing our table and walking around the floor. I’m working on a different video with Ultimate Occult Showdown 2014 highlights, so watch for that coming out soon! Meanwhile…


Houston, Texas or Jacksonville, Florida?

I’ve been in the Houston area for two weeks. I’ve noticed a few differences between it and Jacksonville.

  • Jack in the Box. They serve breakfast all day long. Can you hear me now, McDonalds?
  • Fry’s Electronics. Best Buy, Radio Shack, and HH Gregg dumped into a Costco building with Walmart prices (not to mention it looks like the International Space Station inside. Seriously.)
  • More comics stores AND more game stores.
  • It’s cooler. The temperature, I mean. Just a little bit.
  • They take hurricanes seriously. Stop being apathetic, Jacksonville.
  • Guns. Lots of ’em.
  • A renaissance fair that isn’t over a hundred miles away. And it runs for eight weekends!
  • My girlfriend lives in the Houston area. Schwing!
  • I ALSO live here now! What can I say? I’m biased.

Planet Radio Falls to X102.9

“There is a great disturbance in the Jacksonville Alternative radio scene… like a hundred thousand listeners cried out at once before their radio station was silenced.”

All kidding aside, I was one of the first people I know of in Jacksonville, Florida who noticed when X102.9 went on the air and who they were targeting. Later I documented how far they’d gotten when ratings were posted, but the competition (since there’s no college radio around these parts to speak of.)

But as of this morning, the once mighty Planet Radio had become “magic” something-or-another, a ho-hum light station. The morning show X made fun of, Lex & Terry, won’t be allowed back on Jax airwaves until October 1st due to contractual obligations. The question is, with X102.9 not only the dominating alt radio in the area, will it continue to get better or start to coast the way Planet Radio did… into oblivion?